A Bit About The Author

First of all, thank you for visitng my blog.  My name is Abigail Elizabeth Wyatt and I write poetry and short fiction.  My poetry collection, ‘Moths in a Jar’ (£3.99) was published by Palores in November, 2010  while a second collection, ‘Moths and Nightjars,’ is available on Amazon for Kindle.  An anthology of my short fiction, ‘Old Soldiers, Old Bones and Other Short Stories’ was published in July, 2012 and can be obtained via the One Million Stories Creative Writing Project for the very reasonable price of £4.99 plus p.&p; p. Alternatively, anyone living in the Redruth area can obtain a copy direct from me.

I am a founding member of the Red River Poets, a poetry collective which identifies with the Redruth/Cambourne area. Together with my colleague Duncan Yeates and other local poets, I am frequently to be found at The Melting Pot Cafe, Krowji which is the home of our monthly ‘Words and Music’ event.  Other favourite venues inlcude The Bespoken Word in Penzance and Cafe Frug and The Unplugged Chameleon at The Arts Club, St Ives.  Other, newer venues include The recently opened Heartlands Project in Pool and Morbid Verbesity, the Sunday evening open mic event at The Beerwolf at Falmouth.

In May, 2012, I was fortunate enough to be the winner of the Lisa Thomas Poetry Prize and I travelled to Buckfastleigh to receive my cheque and read my poem ‘Insight After Midnight’. A short time later, ‘They Call It Grooming’, was awarded Highly Commended by the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre in their annual ‘The Page is Printed’ competition. This poem, it should be said with thanks, first appeared in Poetry 24, an online magazine whose editors, at that time, were Martin Hodge and Clare Kirwan, both of whom have been most supportive of my work.

. Towards the end of 2012, I myself became a member of the editorial team working along side Michael Holloway and Hamish Mack.

Since 2008, when I first began to submit for publication, examples of my work have appeared in more than seventy different outlets. To credit them all here, therefore, is simply not possible.   ‘Words with JAM’, however, deserves a special mention helping me on my way.  Back in 2010, the editors published a small selection of my poetry and they have since reviewed ‘Moths in a Jar’ and published some of my more recent verses. Similarly, special thanks must go to Simon Million of One Million Stories without whom ‘Old Soldiers, Old Bones’ would probably have never been written.  

What am I up to at the moment? Well, I am continuing to write poetry so, hopefully, there will be another collection in the not too distant future. I am also working on a second collection of stories, one or two of which have already appeared in ‘One Million Stories’ and elsewhere.  It i my intention to have these ready for publication for the late spring or early summer of 1213.  What else? Well, I have some plans to branch out into scriptwriting. My aim is to complete a ten minute play before the end of 2012. I also have another verse project under way, one that involves some photography and I am in the early stages of producing a series of poems rooted in my childhood and my family. These, too, may be linked with photographs taken from the family album. All in all, therefore, think I have more than enough to keep me busy. 

You can find me, Abigail Wyatt (Writer) and and The Red River Poets on Facebook.  Please contact either through those page or through this website.  A link to the Facebook page is provided in the right hand sidebar. If you allow the cursor to hover over the top of the page, around where it says ‘A Bit About The Author’ , you will find the links to my other pages which include ‘About The Red River Poets’ and ‘The Poetry’.  Thanks again for visiting. Come back soon.

2 thoughts on “A Bit About The Author

  1. Thank you for reading and for commenting. I have a couple of blogs now. One of them is Mad Rabbit Crying Out Loud which I have started to to publish poetry and prose that examines the impact of ‘austerity’ measures on the lives of ordinary people. So much suffering. To try to give voice to some of it seems little enough to do.

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